Welcome to my journal.

These are the Nocturnal Hours.

“Where darkness reigns and magic is in all things.”

As you no doubt have read, this is my home. But warnings aside, it is meant to be a welcome place for all who wish to be here. As protective as I may be, please do not be afraid to be curious or yourself here. Speak freely but carefully, keep an open mind to all possibilities, and be honest always. These are the words I try to live by. This little domain is meant to be a place just like that. I will be speaking quite literally frankly and honest to my thoughts or feelings. I make no apologies, as I have as much right my opinion as you do yours. This is no haven, as I do not believe such things exist. If you want to spend your hours living off in fantasies and impossible fairy tales, this is not the blog for you to be reading. It will be raw, it will be real, but above all it will tell the truth.

This is my thoughts.

These are my dreams.

Above all else, it is my life.