About the Witch

Welcome to the Nocturnal Hours.

I am a woman who wanted to create a little sanctuary of sorts to house my thoughts, track my life, and other tid bits I might throw in for good measure. As such, this is a bit of hub for everything from daily life experiences, troubles or encounters as I delve in as an digital artist, to witchcraft, and more. Welcome to my wierd, insane, but often fun little life.

My name is Ciera Hoover. This blog is where I will be working on and archiving my projects as wells as the various lessons I have learned along the way, in my self study as a Witch. Please bear with me as I work on a little bit of everything to do with making such creations, and the writing that goes with it, as well.

This will serve an a little public and open space for anyone to come visit, whether your religious, or not. Whether your just getting started on your path or whether you’ve been practicing your craft for years, this is a safe place for all.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.

About this Blog

The “Nocturnal Hours,” at its’ most simple purpose, is a place where I can speak my mind freely, with some measure of respect towards the subjects I decide to write about. At the more complex stages, I hope to have to grow to contain a little bit of everything, but with a clear point that it is both a life’s log as well as an home to my projects.

The angel that is blog logo is my own, original art work. Her name is Mia. She is partly a mascot, as much as she is a symbol of my creative side. Please do keep in mind, any artwork found on this blog, unless otherwise credited, is most likely of my own making. I plan to keep it that way too.

I’m a woman who has lived in Ohio much of her life, has an cat named Thief, and a loving significant other who’s been with me for years. His name is Joel and he is the most amazing man as well as my soul bond. My real name is Ciera, though I go by various aliases most places. Without boring you with my life’s story, just know I try to keep an open mind but I don’t turn away from reality.

About the Art

The artwork depicted on this blog, unless otherwise linked to or stated, is my own. Please respect this fact, and know that you are NOT permitted to use any of it, UNLESS it specifically has a terms of use in the description and it is using  the tag of “resource.” Otherwise, if you try to use my work, that is not a resource, you are stealing.

How ever, please note my resources are free to use, and licensed under a creative commons, so don’t let this disclaimer discourage you if you want to use the resources I provide. This is just to protect my rights to my works as the original artist, and also to protect you, if you want to use it commercially down the line. As my resources are allowed for commercial use.