What is a Witch? [VLOG]

A witch is basically someone who practices magic and witchcraft in general. It is first and foremost generally not someone who goes around riding broomsticks like in Harry Potter, making pictures move, or getting out of paying taxes.

A witch is simply someone who practices witchcraft, regardless of religious affiliation or lack there of. We practice the working of what is known as the craft, but the way we go about it, varies upon the witch themselves.


Books I Currently Own [Part 1]


  • Dancing with Dragons – D.J. Conway
  • Mystical Dragon Magick – D.J. Conway
  • The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book – Skye Alexander
  • Witchcraft, Theory and Practice – Ly de Angeles
  • Everyday Witchcraft – Deborah Blake
  • Green witchcraft, folk magic, fairy lore, and herb craft – Ann Moura
  • Witchcraft on a Shoestring – Deborah Blake
  • Practical magic spells and witchcraft – Jackson Greene
  • The complete idiot’s guide to wicca and witchcraft
  • Old World Witchcraft – Raven Grimassi
  • Advanced Witchcraft  – Edain McCoy
  • The temple of Shamanic witchcraft – Christopher Penzak
  • The Inner temple of witchcraft – Christopher Penzak
  • The Outer temple of witchcraft – Christopher Penzak
  • Evolutionary Witchcraft – T. Thorn Coyle
  • Wicca and Witchcraft for Dummies
  • The Modern Guide to Witchcraft – Skye Alexander
  • The Study of Witchcraft – Deborah Lipp
  • The Modern Witch’s Spellbook – Sarah Lyddon Morrison